STEP-MAX10 development board

The STEP-MAX10 development board presents a robust, portable and easy-to-learn hardware design platform built around the Altera MAX10 FPGA. The MAX10 FPGA is well equipped to provide cost effective, single-chip solutions in control plane or data path applications and industry-leading programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility. With MAX10 FPGA, you can get lower power consumption / cost and higher performance. If you are a starter to FPGA, the STEP-MAX10 FPGA Development board is your best choice.

The STEP-MAX10 FPGA development board includes hardware such as on-board USB Blaster, 7-Segment Displays, LEDs, GPIOs and much more. By leveraging all of these capabilities, the STEP MAX10 FPGA development board is the perfect solution for learning FPGA, evaluating and prototyping the true potential of the Altera MAX10 FPGA.

  • Easy to use, small form factor and low cost – STEP-MAX10 Dev Board is a breadboard friendly 40-pin DIP form factor board build around Lattice’s award-winning Altera MAX10 FPGA.
  • Rich features and expandable options – On board JTAG programming circuit, 36 Digital FPGA I/O signals.
  • Learning materials suitable for FPGA learners – A variety of learning materials, including QuickStart guide, user manual, schematic document and demos are provided. Introductory FPGA training courses are available to those who are new to the FPGA world.


  • Altera MAX10 FPGA: 10M02/10M08
  • On board USB Blaster programming circuit
  • 2-character 7-segment display
  • Two RGB LEDs
  • Four switches
  • Four push buttons
  • Eight user LEDs
  • Power from MicroUSB connector
  • 40 pins DIP connector with 36 User I/Os

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