STEP-Baseboard development board

The purpose of the STEP Baseboard is to provide the ideal vehicle for learning about digital logic and FPGAs. The board integrates a verify of peripherals to maximize the expansion of the STEP MXO2/MAX10’s GPIO. The STEP Baseboard includes hardware such as 1.8 inch LCD screen, buzzer,Temperature Sensor, Digital&Analog conversion chip, rotary encoder, six 7-segments displays.


  • Compatible Devices: STEP MXO2/STEP MAX10
  • 1.8 inch  LCD screen
  • 6-character 7-segment display
  • MicorUSB Serial Port
  • 16 push buttons
  • VGA
  • PS2 interface
  • two PMod interfaces

Kit Contents

  • STEP-Baseboard development board
  • QuickStart Guide
STEP Baseboard

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